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About Brooke Christensen

Brooke Christensen

Director of Resource Management

Since 2015, Brooke Christensen has been helping our customers grow their businesses online. She’s known for being both creative and highly organized. Brooke has over 15 years of experience managing client accounts at several start-up digital marketing agencies. She’s experienced in project management, design & brand strategy, e-Commerce, and web design & development. Brooke is known as someone who can see the big picture, ask the right questions, and then get the work done.

Brooke earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Brigham Young University. When she’s not working at Champ, Brooke loves to be outdoors with her family hiking, skiing, traveling, knitting and reading.

Recent Blog Posts By Brooke Christensen

Jan 06 2020

Decorating Your Logo

Check out our client QAA’s website during a holiday. Google isn’t the only company that changes their logo in fun ways (the Google Doodle). QAA worked with our designers to enhance their logo to coincide with a specific holiday. It’s a great way to engage with your customers, and catch people’s attention.
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Dec 23 2019

Presentation is as important as the gift itself
In the spirit of giving, you can think of your brand or product like...

Oct 08 2019

Behind every successful company merger is a great rebranding strategy
Recently, the supportive housing group Mainstay underwent a company...

Sep 26 2019

Refreshing a beloved brand
It’s easy to confuse a rebrand with a brand refresh. They are...

Feb 27 2019

7 Newsletter Examples Designed and Delivered by Champ
Email. It’s part of your audience’s daily routine. Make sure...
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