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About Tiana Onouye

Tiana Onouye

Social Media Coordinator

Tiana comes to Champ with over 2 years of experience in social media marketing. After graduating from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2022, Tiana continued to gain valuable skills during her tenure at a Las Vegas-based digital marketing agency. Now, as an integral part of Champ, Tiana has a proven track record in social media coordination, connecting with diverse audiences through engaging online content.

Growing up with the first generation of social media kids, Tiana found her passion for social media as early as age 11, and has continued to grow with each platform. Spending lots of time on these platforms has sparked her creativity and drive for the next best thing.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Tiana cherishes her time with her dogs, Ellie and Jazmine, her family, and her friends. Despite living in the desert, she does everything she can to make it to the beach as much as possible with a goal to one day live close by. With genuine enthusiasm for her work and a constant drive to improve, she continues to make a meaningful impact in the digital marketing landscape.

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