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About Tim Weydt

Tim Weydt

Director of Paid Search

Tim joined Champ as a Digital Marketing Associate with a passion for learning the latest marketing trends. He graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Business Administration concentrating in Marketing and Management Information Systems. After graduating, Tim focused on learning all aspects of digital marketing while building his own businesses, websites and social media accounts. Eventually, he began creating logos, websites and ad campaigns for local businesses. When he’s not in the office, Tim can be found snowboarding in Vermont or relaxing at the beach with friends.

Recent Blog Posts By Tim Weydt

Aug 20 2019

How Champ Helped Viya Reach New Customers through Video Ads

Here’s how we used YouTube pre-roll ads to help a client based in the U.S. Virgin Islands speak to a customized market The digital marketing world has come up with some sophisticated and complex methods for driving sales—everything from pinpoint analytics to targeted conversion rates. But in some cases, the best solutions are the simplest, and the simplest solution in marketing boils down to one thing: exposure. Take our client, Viya, for example. Viya provides high-speed internet, mobile service, and landline plans to customers in the U.S. Virgin Islands. They offer...
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Dec 27 2017

Community-Based Marketing for the New Year: Keep it Hyperlocal
Experts predict that tomorrow’s marketing initiatives will be...

Jun 12 2017

Pay-Per-Click: The Basics
When it comes to Internet marketing, Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising...