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About Isabella DeChard

Isabella DeChard

Marketing Specialist


It’s no secret that Isabella is a creative artist in many forms – since obtaining a BFA in Theatre & Art at the University of Central Florida, she has over 4 years of experience with content creation and digital marketing in all aspects.

Isabella is on a mission to promote cannabis education and advocacy through captivating storytelling and creative content. She is dedicated to working with clients in all industries to seamlessly grow their brand and online presence through detailed SEO research and copywriting.

Away from her computer, you can find her adventuring to new cities, exploring nature views, rollerblading in the sunshine, and dancing with her pup, Cleo.

Recent Blog Posts By Isabella DeChard

Apr 05 2024

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Social Media Secrets for Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Social media is the ultimate marketing wingman for businesses. It’s like having an army of brand wizards at your fingertips, eagerly waiting to spread the word about your hospitality brand or tourism services. In today’s trending digital world, it’s hard to imagine modern marketing without the power of social media. In more ways than one, social media has become an influential and powerful tool to help market products and services across all industries and platforms. Specifically for the hospitality industry and tourism-focused companies,...
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