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How To Approach Your Marketing Plan in 2024

by Isabella DeChard

It’s that time of year again! You’ve just wrapped up a successful business year – reviewing strategies, marketing efforts, and end-of-the-year KPIs. With a new year in bloom, it’s now time to put on your brainstorming hats and craft up a business marketing plan for 2024. 

Establishing a strong marketing plan at the beginning of the year helps you stay ahead of the curve in a fast-paced world of business, no matter the industry. Learn how to approach your marketing plan in the new year, so you can stay up to date with the pace of your industry and help accelerate your business growth to new heights. 

From our marketing agency to your desk, let’s dive into the key strategies that will shape an effective marketing plan for the coming year. 

Marketing Plan vs. Marketing Strategy 📝

First thing first: there’s a marketing plan and a marketing strategy. Does your company know the difference? 

A marketing plan is like a roadmap – it gives a detailed guide listing the goals you aim to achieve plus the details or efforts it takes to get there. 

In comparison, a marketing strategy is more like the idea of grabbing a roadmap and setting off for your next adventure. It’s more of the overarching approach, painting the big picture and aligning your marketing efforts and goals directly with your business. 

In all, a marketing strategy is the overarching path you will follow to get where you want to go, and a marketing plan includes the steps you take to get there. 

What are Your Business Initiatives?

Before implementing your marketing plans for the new year, it’s important to do a bit of inner reflection and review what the past year has been like for you and your business. 

  • Take a closer look at the marketing strategies and plans that worked for your business last year in 2023. What resonated with your audience? What fell flat? These details help you determine valuable insights for future initiatives. 
  • How well do you know your audience? Consumer behavior is as evolving as the ever-changing market trends. What are your targeted audience’s price points, preferences, and aspirations? How has this changed for your business in one year? How can you reach them where they’re at?
  • How can your marketing plan seamlessly integrate with your overall business objectives? From increasing sales, expanding market share, or new product launches — determine how your marketing initiatives for the new year will contribute to these overall business goals. 

A bit of review and consideration for what has worked well (and what didn’t work) in the past year can help you better navigate and prevent the business obstacles and challenges that lie ahead. From there, you’re ready to take on the new year with a successful marketing plan in place! 

So what’s next? 

First, the most evident yet complex step for building your yearly marketing plan is determining your marketing budget. While a marketing budget looks different for every business, it’s a crucial detail that will help determine your plan for the year ahead.

This includes outlining your marketing costs, allocating work resources and programs, and then strategically dispersing the agreed budget across various channels, such as:  

With managing a business on your plate, you shouldn’t have to navigate your new marketing plan alone. Backed by decades of marketing experience across various industries, Champ is an award-winning, full digital service marketing agency focused on tailoring to your specific needs and goals. 

Start Your Year as a Champ 

As we set our sights on 2024, it’s time to lay the groundwork for a marketing plan that not only keeps up with industry trends but allows your business to grow. 

No matter the industry your marketing plans are centered on, our digital marketing agency is backed by data and decades of experience, ready to help make your marketing plans a reality to reach your goals. Whether it’s a full spread of marketing services or you’re seeking support for a specific project, we’re happy to partner with you. 

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