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Social Media Secrets for Hospitality and Tourism Marketing | Champ Internet Solutions

by Isabella DeChard

Social Media Secrets for Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

Social media is the ultimate marketing wingman for businesses. It’s like having an army of brand wizards at your fingertips, eagerly waiting to spread the word about your hospitality brand or tourism services. In today’s trending digital world, it’s hard to imagine modern marketing without the power of social media.

In more ways than one, social media has become an influential and powerful tool to help market products and services across all industries and platforms. Specifically for the hospitality industry and tourism-focused companies, social media could be the gateway that connects your business or brand with new audiences and potential customers.

Online content and imagery on social media have the power to influence curious customers looking for a new adventure while allowing them a sneak peek of what to expect through captivating, branded content.

With all of the different apps, platforms, and strategies around social media marketing – consider this your ultimate guide for learning the latest tips on marketing your hotel or location in the hospitality and tourism industry.

TikTok Your Way to Destination Discovery

While acting as a central hub for the latest trends, interests, and news around the world, TikTok goes beyond the latest dance crazes and viral challenges – the popular social media app is a goldmine for the hospitality and tourism industry. 

Imagine a user scrolling through their TikTok feed when suddenly a brief video of your hotel or company’s scenic view pops up into the frame. Not only is the user immediately hooked to learn more about where and who you are, but the essence of your destination is presented to them in a more personalized social media approach. It’s basically like hypnotism (but not the sad children’s party kind).

TikTok is all about authenticity and creativity, using short-form, engaging content to get your message across and showcase your hotel, restaurant, or travel experience. 

Use the many different filters, trends, and techniques of creating TikTok content to stand out among the scrolling! Get your staff involved, highlight behind-the-scenes moments, and invite your audience to participate through engaging content to further connect with your community. 

Influencers are the Jetsetters of Social Media

Influencers are another essential aspect of social media marketing for the hospitality and tourism industry. Social media influencers enhance your content marketing by creating a character and personalized experiences with your destination or business. They’re digital trendsetters who have the power to shape opinions and inspire travel plans for their followers, which leads to potential customers for you. Influencers can be walking advertisements – just a lot more dimensional and essentially help create FOMO.

Seek content creators whose following and interests align with your target market. It’s more than finding a popular face to promote and represent your brand, influencers bring an authentic and genuine value to your social media marketing. Build meaningful relationships with influencers by offering your services or experiences for them to document and enjoy. It’s like taking a recommendation from a friend but better – seeing their experience firsthand. 

Depending on your company, micro-influencers can be just as beneficial as the big names – with a wide variety of successful connections and relationships to make online, think outside of the box with influencer marketing for your hospitality or tourism business.

Quality Content Creates Powerful Impressions 

High-quality content is crucial for a successful social media strategy in the hospitality and tourism industry. For your company’s social media, quality, engaging content can be the catalyst for building potential interest and ultimately loyal customers. It should showcase your offerings, inspire wanderlust, and leave a lasting impression.

Invest time in professional photography and videography to capture the beauty of your location or business space. Share imagery and stories that go beyond the surface – introduce unique and personalized details about your brand or services and share anecdotes that resonate with your audience. 

Be sure to remain consistent with your audience engagement while providing a variety of social media content. Humanize your brand. Cultivate a sense of community around your brand by responding to comments, answering inquiries, and encouraging conversations. 

Give your followers juicy details and jaw-dropping imagery to portray the message you want to tell – after all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Tell your story!

The Magic of Social Media Search Intent

In the vast sea of social media, understanding search intent is your compass. When users scroll through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, they’re often on the lookout for inspiration, information, or validation for their travel plans. Tailor your content to meet these needs, and you’ll be the guiding light for their journey.

Understanding the users’ intentions when doing their research is key! Do your homework ahead of time and implement relevant keywords or hashtags related to your market in your captions and posts. For instance, if your hotel is pet-friendly, make sure to include keywords like “pet-friendly accommodation” or “traveling with pets” in your caption or content. This ensures that your content reaches users who are actively seeking what you provide.

Going beyond the traditional social media platforms, Google My Business Profile is also a helpful SEO tool for communicating any important contact or company information to your audience. Having your page optimized and updated with your brand’s information has been shown to help our clients lead to more organic searches and improved direct inquiries.

If you want your travel or tourism company to be the queen bee (or king bee) of online buzz, you better keep up with search intent!

Capture Content & Attract Travel Enthusiasts with Champ

Who needs old-school PR when you have the power of social media and influencers to make your hospitality business or brand the talk of the town? 

Utilize social media as a powerful digital tool that connects mainstream media to your hospitality business or brand. Create consistent, captivating content and leverage social media search intent to reach a wider range of travel enthusiasts. Connect with content creators across all social media platforms to further amplify your message and brand. 

Backed by decades of digital marketing experience, Champ has been elevating hospitality brands and the tourism industry for 15 years. Whether you’re looking for a full spread of marketing services or specific support in one area of digital marketing, reach out, and let’s brainstorm!