Social Media Is Not a One Way Street
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Social Media Is Not a One Way Street

In today’s marketing landscape, the importance of social media is widely accepted. Most businesses are active on multiple social media platforms and many
have established departments to handle their social media or they have ongoing engagements with agencies like Champ.

However, many businesses are taking a one-sided approach to their social media strategies. Every business wants to expand the reach of its content and
hopes to have a piece of marketing material “go viral.” But, what about managing incoming communications to the brand from customers and clients? A
problem we often uncover when doing baseline analysis for our new social clients at Champ is a lack of responsiveness to incoming messages on social
media platforms.

If you are not responding in a timely manner to your customers on social media, you could be causing real damage to your brand. Not only will customers
find it frustrating to be ignored, but other potential customers may notice your apparent apathy and go elsewhere where they think they will receive
better service.

It may feel more comfortable to ignore a post, particularly if it is negative, but doing so is a tremendous mistake. Users LOVE to make negative experiences
go viral, and that is not the type of attention that you want for your business. Address comments and messages within 24 hours, whether they are positive
or negative. When public, use your responses as an opportunity to illustrate to the world the superior quality of your businesses’ customer service.

A well-developed social media strategy should not only have carefully planned campaigns and scheduled posts, but also should include social communications
monitoring guidelines. Who is in the role of responding to your social media account’s messages? How quickly should this happen? Are there clear guidelines
on how to respond to frequently asked questions? Think ahead so you don’t get behind on your social communications, the opportunity cost is large if
you don’t manage this well.

Your social media cannot just run on autopilot. Don’t let your customer’s engagement fall on deaf ears. Make your social responsiveness a priority next
year and get more brand value as a result. Not sure where to start? Give Champ a call or contact us here and we can help you build your strategy.