Enhance Your Social Media Presence: Here’s How
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Enhance Your Social Media Presence: Here’s How

It’s worth taking the time to check in with your social media efforts – and there’s always room for improvement. In an increasingly competitive online environment, entrepreneurs need to claim a strong foothold in the social media sphere. Below, we outline four simple ways to enhance your social media presence – and boost your brand’s image and credibility, too.

Follow Your Own Rules

Take the time to establish your brand’s unique voice and messaging strategies. How do you speak to your audience? What information or images define your team’s mission? What lingo will appeal to them – and what tweaks can you implement to make your brand even more recognizable? Create clear writing guidelines you can distribute to team members – new and old alike – and get on the same page about social media posts, everyday marketing content, and your brand’s precise “look and feel.” A unified effort is bound to enhance your credibility as a reliable, on-point brand.

Reach Out

Make use of the key influencers in your industry. Interact with them by offering compliments, asking questions, or suggesting that they share a high-quality blog post, image, or interview your team has created. Employees, customers, and potential clients will feel compelled to engage with your material in the future if they can see you’ve got a credible source backing you up. Seize opportunities to communicate with and encourage top influencers, since a mention from them could score you serious brownie points with your client base.

Harness Keywords and Hashtags With Care

Hashtags, keywords, and the careful inclusion of handles can elevate content instantly, delivering your message to thousands of brand new viewers. Make use of websites like HashTagify and Keyhole to help discover which keywords enjoy high popularity. Embrace “trending” keywords, which will earn you a boost of visibility, and investigate which keywords have high search volumes by means of sites like SEMrush and Moz. Remember – less can mean more when it comes to keywords and hashtags, so don’t be afraid to be selective.

Spread the Love!

Engagement is key on social media – and it’s about more than just sharing innovative, interesting, thought-provoking content. To truly shine on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any number of the social media avenues cropping up, it’s integral to engage with other users – and not just top influencers. Make yourself a resource by commenting on relevant posts, sharing information and resources, and encouraging followers when they post content that’s useful to your efforts. What goes around comes around on social media, and frequent contributors often enjoy high follower counts.