Creating Social Media Content That Sticks!
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Creating Social Media Content That Sticks!

In today’s lightning fast digital world, it’s easy to lose potential customers to the abyss that is social media. With so much great content out there – and so little time – it can be hard to focus your energies on the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that your visitors truly “stick.” And with the average online page view weighing in at just under eight seconds, it’s no wonder you’re grasping at straws when it comes to attracting social media fans.

But with the right kind of memorable, on-point content, you can be sure that visitors will stick to your pages more frequently and for longer durations. When visitors perceive content to be stimulating, heartfelt, or well researched, they’re much more likely to spend time on the page – and to return again and again. Visitors will recognize that you value high-quality communication and information, and they’ll come to see your social media profiles as resources in their own right.

With 27 million content shares every day – and counting – the nation’s content marketing industry stands to earn 50 billion dollars this year alone. Yet social media is largely populated by junk that viewers scroll blindly over – a missed opportunity, considering that word-of-mouth marketing – in the form of virtual “shares,” for example – is said to account for more than 50 percent of users’ spending decisions nationwide.

What does all this data mean for your company? Well, the first rule of thumb is to follow this: keep it simple. Short, sweet, direct messaging is the most effective way to draw potential customers in. Consider AWANE, a healthcare broker based in New England who tells visitors: “There’s Power in Numbers.” In this effective tagline, simple words work hard to reassure potential customers before they even enter the site.

So, cut to the chase. Skip the clutter, ditch the jargon, and speak from the heart when it comes to social media. Your visitors will know that you’re being genuine, and you’ll earn their comfort and trust at first glance.

From there, you’ll need to decide how to craft your messaging – that’s where creativity and innovation come in. If you’re bored just looking at your social media post, don’t post it! Save messaging for the truly inspirational and useful information rather than cluttering your fans’ feeds with stale commentary. Stay innovative and fresh by delivering the unexpected.

Whether you’re making an unexpected simile about your brand – comparing your analytics capabilities to fierce animal competition, for example – or simply recognizing a competitor’s recent innovation, original and surprising content will keep your social media fans coming back for more. Memorable statistics, hilarious one-liners, and moments of illumination all make great attention-getting posts.

Keep your finger on the pulse. If you’ve got your eye on industry news, you can demonstrate that to your readers by commenting through social media on current events related to your brand. Post timely news articles, and add a line that takes a fresh, personal spin on the story. Or “follow” competitors or peers within the industry so you can engage in a friendly dialogue about new technologies, products, and innovations in your sector.

As you’re formulating content for social media, keep it real. Don’t be afraid to add a hint of emotion or personality to your posts and updates. Photos of the office team enjoying a weekend activity together, for example, show your clientele that you’re interested in creating a company that plays together – and stays together, for the long haul. Or, tell a mini-story on Twitter or Facebook that illustrates how far you’ve come as a business or showcases a recent breakthrough for the team.

To amp up the personal connections, consider letting your fans in on your humanitarian or philanthropic side, which might even endear them to you as clients for the long term. A commitment to social or environmental causes will increase your brand’s credibility – and your business karma! Plus, your fans will understand that you care about more than just the bottom line, which will help to foster genuine business relationships over time.

However you ultimately decide to improve your social media standing, remember that you’re human – and so are your visitors. If engaging across a dozen platforms seems like a recipe for burnout, then simplify, using only the social media platforms that work best for you. Post as frequently as you’re able, but don’t bombard your readers who, like you, probably value quality over quantity. Keep your audience engaged by asking questions, responding to comments, and remarking upon the (non-political) news, current events, and maybe even latest excitement in your own life. Keep it personal, conversational, and genuine, and your fans will thank you.