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Presentation is as important as the gift itself

by Brooke Christensen

In the spirit of giving, you can think of your brand or product like a gift box. While what’s inside may be phenomenal, people are going to look at how
it’s presented first. Make sure you’re doing your company justice by ensuring that your product or service is “wrapped” beautifully!

Below are examples of some branding and packaging designs we did for a few of our clients.


Blue Forest Farm Packaging Design


Check out the product packaging we recently designed for Blue Forest Farms on their hemp tincture bottles. We have been working with BFF to refine their
brand identity through mood-boarding, logo design, content, and lifestyle photography. We collaborated to identify the buyer persona for the new CBD
Retail Line: “The Stressed out Millennial.”

Stay tuned in the new year to see their amazing new site we are about to launch.


Girl Fit Branding

Mood boards are a great way to explore new brand standards and overall feel for your company. We recently went through a mood board process with Girl Fit
and fine tuned their brand to deliver an overall brand standards sheet. We are applying these new standards in a web design coming in 2020.


Terpenetics Packaging Design

We designed the bottle labels to reflect the strong and bold colors of Terpenetics branding, which is a unique combination of warm tones. These warm tones
are brought to life through the strong textures and patterns used throughout each design. We also incorporated honeycomb shape to feature specific
elements on each design.


SQA Branding

Having brand standards is key to ensure that your company is consistent throughout all marketing efforts. Uniform fonts, logos and colors makes your business
look more professional. Check out SQA’s new brand standards below. We particularly like the gradient coloring and modern font that make their software
company stand out.