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Behind every successful company merger is a great rebranding strategy

by Brooke Christensen

Recently, the supportive housing group Mainstay underwent a company merger. As one of our trusted clients, they worked
alongside us to rebrand the company image in order to serve their audience better and to grow their business. Through this process, the Mainstay merger
served as an opportunity to align with a new brand identity while strengthening the available services.

Before the merger, MHPI & RSSI were separate and established brands with 44 years and 20 years of history, respectively. We gladly accepted the role
of strategic partner and helped Mainstay through the challenges of rebranding as they became the newly combined company they are today. The merging
of two companies is never a simple process, muddled by strategic elements that need to be put in place as well as people and roles that need to be
adjusted. Our team steered the behind-the-scenes development process as Mainstay embraced their new corporate brand identity using tools like name
suggestions, domain research, and logo design.


New logo, color palette, and fonts

We worked with Mainstay in selecting a new color scheme differentiating them from their previous companies and giving them a fresh start. We strategically
kept a house as a central feature in their logo and came up with a new name better describing their central mission – to provide human service and
housing programs across Massachusetts.

Updated web design to match the new brand

Once the main brand identity was in place, we updated their website with the new logo, fonts, and colors. We also upgraded the imagery on the website from
stock images to photos of their real life employees, customers, and homes. Finally, to improve the accessibility of their site, we added a text magnifier
to assist users who may require a larger or smaller print size.



New Print Assets and Marketing Materials

In order to match their new identity, Mainstay needed all new brand identity assets. Brand identity assets are features such as letterhead, envelopes,
and business cards that help the company interact functionally with customers and other businesses. We also prepared new files to apply environmental
design features such as a new sign to hang in their office. A central part of the Mainstay re-branding effort was to build upon their already solid
foundation of supportive affordable housing and home care. Together, we developed and produced a strategic plan brochure that outlines their goals
for the next 3 years.


Professional photography

The best way to get to know a new company is to get to know the faces of the people who work there. One of our staff photographers took professional photos
of the Mainstay team for the website. The addition of personalized photos not only looks sophisticated, but also adds company value, helping people
know the people who make up the brand.

See more of the rebranded identity of Mainstay at their website