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Master of Mixes

Champ has been consistently working with American Beverage Marketers (ABM) on a variety of their brands and product lines. From large scale rebranding projects to innovative technology solutions, our strategic approach stems from an understanding of their current needs and anticipation of future trends.

Services Utilized
Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Print & Packaging Design

Print & Packaging Design

Website Development & Design

Website Development & Design

“The Champ team took direction from brand principles while simultaneously thinking outside the box with deeply creative solutions to design challenges. They truly lived and breathed the project and their passion lives every day on the shelves in the form of our bottles.”





Our team was ready to help ABM unify their product lines, while allowing them to each stand out on their own.


Bring a new look and feel to four Master of Mixes product lines, all of which had a specific identity and audience: Mainline (24 ready-to-mix mixers), Cocktail Essentials (13 mixologist-quality syrups and juices), Bold Flavor Adventure (4 award-winning Bloody Mary offerings), and BigBucket (3-step party bucket, available in 6 flavors).


First up, the logo. We kept the recognizable Master of Mixes typography for continued brand awareness, but gave it an identifiable and clean refresh. We designed a sleeker bottle style to modernize the brand, stand out at shelf and brought a series of stylized photoshoots to life across metallic labels. The result of our work is trend-setting product lines each with unique elements and strong brand continuity.

Bloody Marys with a kick? Yes please.
With Bold Flavor Adventure, their chef-inspired Bloody Mary product line, we wanted the pack to effectively communicate the depth of flavor and quality of ingredients. Our strategy was to visually showcase unique design dualities: simple and elegant, colorful and subtle. Our challenge was to create packaging that stood out on a crowded shelf to increase consideration and purchase. So we did.

ABM knew their sites needed a major makeover and came to Champ to take their digital experience from a 2 to a perfect 10. The existing ABM websites were dated, lacking an e-commerce component, and were neither mobile responsive nor optimized for today’s standards. ABM didn’t want these updates to simply be functional for sales, they wanted to set standards for creativity and functionality.

Each site under the Master of Mixes umbrella came with its own challenge and problem to solve. The main dot com needed to showcase the full scope of products without overwhelming the customer. To accomplish this, we highlighted one product at a time amongst the full flavor line up utilizing carousel movements and an abundance of white space. This allowed the customer to experience each unique flavor package design, provide clear specific product information and ultimately lead them down the conversion funnel. The Bold Flavor Adventure site, on the other hand, mirrored the out-of-left-field packaging and is as adventurous as each Bloody Mary flavor. This site design amplifies the brand personality through product showcasing and narrative storytelling! Voila.”

To amplify the new brand messaging, we needed to seed necessary information with both ABM’s massive internal sales teams and distributors as well as to the end customer. We armed their sales force with updated marketing materials to reflect the rebrand and communicate key messaging clearly and concisely. We designed product guides and sales brochures for all Master of Mixes product lines as key education collateral.


A head-turning, bottle-popping packaging refresh

We created four spectacular landscapes that tell the story of each distinct flavor: Complete with pepper volcanoes, tomato Ferris wheels, garlic hot air balloons, and lemon wedge sunsets.

Our team built surfable, sippable web experiences.

E-commerce? Check. Recipe filtering? Check. Store finder? One customer service hub for all sites? Yup!

And consistent brand communication through marketing materials – we nailed it!

Cheers to this great partnership.