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Guilt-free snacking is something many brands shout from the rooftops, but few walk the walk as much as LesserEvil. The Connecticut-based company places special emphasis on high-quality ingredients, unique and tasty flavors and healther-than-the-alternative. They are distributed nationwide at many grocery stores across the country and can be purchased online. LesserEvil also partnered with Amazon to make shopping simple and easy for popcorn lovers.

Services Utilized


Website Development & Design

Website Development & Design


Three product lines, fifteen flavor varieties, and a whole lot of digital opportunity.


LesserEvil had undergone a brand refresh, but lacked a web property to establish their new look online. We sought to develop a site that served two vital goals. The first was to create an intuitive eCommerce experience to sell product online. With consumer behaviors dictating the need for direct online purchasing, we knew a user-friendly eCommerce platform was crucial to this growing revenue stream. The second goal was to use the site as a means of narrative brand story, highlighting their core value proposition: Anyone can satisfy those (sometimes nasty) snack cravings with options that don’t make them feel terrible when it’s done.


The eCommerce platform we built is an industry leading food subscription platform and Lesser Evil is a pioneer in defining this online experience. It’s one of the first-of-its-kind in the food & snack space. From the user experience side, it is both explorable and easy to filter, focusing on 100% product transparency as a key brand differentiator. For the LesserEvil team, we created a way for them to directly add discounts, change pricing, inventory, and add shipping details on their own. No development required.

To make things fun (and increase site session time), we focused on animation and movement throughout the site experience. To expand on the brand narrative we ramped up the LesserEvil blog, using food and lifestyle as key content pillars.


A brand that once had a tiny-yet-hungry following is blowing up, and we’re pumped to roll up our sleeves and ensure the explosion continues.