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Reàl Infused Exotics

In 2006, Reàl Infused Exotics created their first fruit puree syrup infusion, Coco Reàl – made with a mouth-watering flavor of coconut cream crafted to enhance any cocktail, dessert, or culinary ingredient. 

Today, the brand’s line of high-end puree-infused flavors has allowed bartenders and chefs alike to elevate their recipes with real fruit flavors.

Services Utilized
Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Website Development & Design

Website Development & Design


With the popularity of Reàl Infused products across kitchens and restaurants worldwide, this food and beverage brand was eager to go beyond its current cocktail consumer audience.


Reàl came to us with the challenge of expanding its brand messaging and positioning beyond cocktails. The vision was to embrace at-home and culinary usage while still captivating their traditional chef, mixologist, and cocktail audience.

Our agency’s branding team was looking to strike a balance between appealing to the existing cocktail audience and broadening the brand’s product to at-home culinary enthusiasts. 

To tackle this challenge, our branding team knew we must ensure consistent messaging across diverse channels, from on-pack and print collateral to web and social media.


With the advantage of Reàl being the only line of infused syrups on the market, our agency strategized a new brand positioning and website that reflected the elevated versatility of the product for both at-home and professional use. 


In the initial brand positioning phase, we collaborated with the Reàl team to craft a comprehensive and strategic set of deliverables that helped define this new branding. 

The new brand positioning guidelines included a revamp on language and tone, an in-depth insight on cocktails vs culinary positioning, lists of brand differentiators, value propositions and new audience insights.

Website Development 

With elevated brand messaging and positioning that now widens the target audience, a new web property and space was ready to host Reàl’s story. 

Our web development team provided deliverables for the website build phase of our marketing strategy. These included creating new blocks for the site’s content, a web style guide, home page and desktop/mobile design mockups, site link staging, and full deployment of the live site. 

This new web-build strategy embraced the entire cocktail, culinary, and at-home consumer base looking to elevate their recipes and ingredients with Reàl Exotic Infused products. 


Delectable Brand Positioning 

Our marketing agency worked with the Reàl brand to create a more expert, refined, and sincere branding voice for those beyond culinary professionals – becoming the only line of infused syrups on the market designed to create an elevated, versatile food and beverage experience for both at-home and professional use.

Targeting both at-home and industry chefs and mixologists, the brand pillars represented a detail and driving factor that set this brand apart from the food and beverage competition. 

  • The Only Infused Syrup: A product on the market with a unique industry-leading collection of flavors.
  • Product Versatility: Becoming the only product used as a core ingredient in culinary recipes, cocktail creations, beverage additions, and elevated toppings.
  • Quality Fruit: Fruit sourced from growing regions that work tirelessly to ensure quality flavor.
  • Unique Packaging: Easy-to-use packaging for both fast-paced industry professionals and at-home culinary enthusiasts. 
  • Industry Backed: Designed with the professional industry in mind. 

The new tagline, Explore the REÀL World of Flavor, became the anchor that emphasized the brand’s versatility in both culinary and mixology worlds.

Versatile Website Development

Phase two of this marketing collaboration included building a website that laid the foundation for Reàl’s new brand growth. Aligned with this new positioning, the website effectively communicated the versatility of Reàl products. 

Both the desktop and mobile pages were designed with an enhanced user experience to increase user engagement and brand awareness of these high-quality puree products.

Their new website’s consistent messaging and design promoted the brand’s product versatility. It engaged users, from professionals and at-home users alike, to get inspired with these puree-infused fruit syrups. 

Our agency’s strategic approach, from redefining brand positioning to meticulous website development, has positioned Reàl for business growth and resonance in the evolving landscape of both at-home and industry culinary realms.