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MacCallum’s Boathouse

A leading new and used boat dealership based out of New Hampshire, MacCallum’s Boathouse has been offering factory-authorized boat repair services and sales for over 74 years. 

As a family-owned business, MacCallum’s Boathouse comes with a heartfelt history that has had them busy with business in the New Hampshire community and beyond for decades. Today, the team works hard daily to manage customers, sales, deliveries, repair service requests, and implement marketing goals that go into staying afloat as a small business.

Services Utilized

Email & SMS Marketing





Social Media

Social Media


Champ was ready to take on the challenge and help MacCallum with a smooth transition into a successful marketing strategy.


The initial marketing motivation for MacCallum’s Boathouse began with their mission to put consistent brand messaging out into the world, helping to tell their brand story. Ideas and thoughts on how to improve this boathouse’s marketing presence came naturally to the client, but it was the helping hands and experienced support that was missing. 

With no internal structure or support for their marketing efforts, Champ’s marketing team worked with MacCallum’s to optimize and assist with email marketing, social media, and website content and support. 

The dealership is in Epsom, New Hampshire, but it’s in a location that is conveniently located near the areas of Boston, Nashua, Manchester, Portland, and Providence. Because of this, Champ understood that our marketing strategy had to be impactful enough to reach these surrounding areas to help gain a wider audience and potentially increase brand awareness and sales. 


Content Creation – Video & Blog Posts

With these challenges and information presented, Champ set sail for curating a thorough and detailed marketing strategy that would promote MacCallum’s brand awareness as a boat dealership in the New Hampshire area. 

With our team’s marketing experience, Champ worked to create captivating lifestyle imagery and photography of the boat inventory to use in their marketing content. 

Champ’s Media team worked closely with the client to produce 3 videos that they posted as a blog post. The videos highlight MacCallum’s history, boat brands, and facility. These videos helped to tell the brand story and share more about the company and how they have grown over the last 70 years.

Email Marketing & Message Automation 

Our Email team works to create a routinely pleasant user experience for new and returning customers. A welcome series email automation is sent tofor new users who have signed up for our newsletter. Users who have opted in through this signup form also receive monthly newsletters from MacCallum’s. 

These email marketing campaigns are filled with content on the latest news and updates from MacCallum’s, as well as current promotions and deals on boats for sale in New Hampshire. Imagery and copy from the email team reflect MacCallum’s targeted customer base – lifestyles of lake boating and watersports for families and friends.

With the primary focus on increasing brand messaging and awareness to their customers and audience, the client is able to consistently relay brand awareness and messaging to their customer base through these monthly newsletters. Branded videos and marketing imagery played a crucial role in enhancing the client’s brand awareness. 

Social Media

Like most businesses or industries, social media is an exceptional way to get in front of the eyes of most target audiences. With social media strategy done right, it can also be an extremely effective method in keeping your company’s branding and messaging consistent across all marketing platforms

Champ’s Social Media Marketing team was successful in achieving just that! Thanks to the beautiful boat inventory photographs and imagery content collected from the client, social media content was posted to promote MacCallum’s and what to expect at their boat dealership. 


After collaborating on this partnership with MacCallum’s, we were excited to see positive insights and results that reflected the beneficial outcome of our marketing efforts! Maintaining both Instagram and Facebook accounts for the client, our Social team has helped to increase their following and follower engagement for both Facebook and Instagram platforms. 

  • Through our monthly email newsletters, we saw an impressive open rate of over 50% – which is much higher than the rate for boat industry standards.  
  • Instagram has increased at a steady rate in KPI performance each month (including overall engagement, impressions, and profile actions). 
  • Facebook also continues to experience a robust increase in overall engagement and impressions. 
  • Most of these top-performing posts on MacCallum’s social media included imagery, photography, and videography directly from their business. 

What once was an overwhelming list of marketing to-do’s that the client faced, has now turned into a helpful partnership with Champ. With supportive assistance and guidance in multiple facets of their boating business, they see our marketing team as an extension of theirs.