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The Power of Photography and Videography in Marketing

by Isabella DeChard

Living in a media-forward era, there are numerous media outlets that constantly educate, advertise, and access thousands of viewers every day.

For any business to stay up to date in a saturated market, you’ll need to do more than just maintain a solid business marketing strategy.

Unique photo and media content can elevate your brand to the next level – showcase products and services, highlight your team, and utilize your creative approach to branded media content.

With the power of photography and videography, your business can cut through the noise of competitors and reach your audience in an authentic, relatable, and captivating way. Learn the different forms of media content for marketing and how Champ can help to elevate your brand’s content.

Types of Media Content for Marketing

Depending on the specific products or services being offered, a media marketing plan can look different for everyone.

However, one thing that is certain is that your brand will need powerful imagery and content to get your message across. Here are a few different types of media content essential for most brands and businesses:

Social Media Content 

Social media has become a powerful communication tool to gather, analyze, and advertise for your company. Especially in a saturated and competitive online world, your brand must have unique content to post on social media channels. The goal is to consistently curate content that will stop users from scrolling, attract interested customers, and engage with followers.

Stop Motion & GIFs 

Whether it is used in social media, e-mail campaigns, or online advertising – stop motion gifs and graphics are a step up from your average brand content. Bring variety to your visuals while specifying a certain element of your brand or services in a fun, trendy way.


Considering the popular shift in videography for social media platforms alone, video content is a useful way to engage and promote your brand – and fast. A recent study showed 91% of consumers would rather see more online video content from brands. Whether it’s a trendy Instagram reel or an educational video for your website, videos are effective in highlighting the voice and imagery of your brand.

How are Photography and Videography Effective in Marketing? 

Today’s society is made up of a fast-paced world of digital technology and various forms of media. Consider the astounding amount of media we are exposed to and look at each and every day.

Your target audience and customers are constantly viewing content from all angles, too. That’s why it’s essential to have your brand curate captivating content that represents your brand’s message, core mission, and quality products or services.

Whether your media marketing plan includes photography or video content for your website, TV or online advertising, social media, or any outlet in between…it’s all about staying engaged with your audience. Your brand must remain clear, authentic, and approachable in its media content in order to gain customer loyalty and retention.

There are plenty of direct benefits to incorporating video and photo content into your marketing strategy:

Lasting Impressions that Drive Sales 

We all like to know what we are buying before making a purchase! Consider any advertising content from your brand as a first impression to the consumer. Professional photography or videography helps to accurately and creatively portray your products or services with branded visuals that capture audiences.


Say goodbye to stuffy stock photography! Unique photo imagery allows you to showcase your service or product in the voice and look of your brand’s style! By showcasing your authentic product, company team, or store location, viewers are more likely to be drawn in on a personal level.

Stand Out Among Other Brands 

In a saturated market and digital-age world, investing in your brand to stay relevant and noticeable to customers can feel like an entire job in itself. By using captivating photography and videography to establish brand identity, you’re able to reach a target audience in a more natural, receptive, and engaging way. Create content that is easily shareable with followers and humanizes your brand for a more personalized experience for customers.

Champ’s Photography and Videography Services 

A successful digital marketing strategy relies on much more than written content alone. Champ’s digital agency understands the importance of photography and videography for your brand to make a fresh, unique impression on your audience – and we’re here to help!

On-Site Staff Photography 

Capture the personality of your company and team for a professional and friendly first impression. Champ’s photography team will travel to your business location to photograph for staff portraiture and advertising purposes.

Corporate & Studio Photography 

From e-commerce brands to high-end bars and restaurants, our corporate and studio photography services elevate the look and feel of your brand. With creative lighting techniques and elements, Champ works to curate eye-catching content for websites and branding material.

Lifestyle & Commercial Photography

Lifestyle content is essential to your brand’s overall marketing strategy. Champ’s lifestyle photography compliments your brand or services and grabs the attention of your target audience. These natural and branded assets are ideal for websites, social media channels, and beyond.

With the power photography and videography has on your business – it’s important your brand tells an engaging, intriguing story to stand out among your competitors.

Ready to create eye-catching photography and videography with our digital marketing team? Contact Champ to get started with a media marketing plan today!