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4 Unique Ways to Market Your Food and Beverage Brand

by Isabella DeChard

Today’s food and beverage industry is more robust than ever, with tons of refreshingly new and innovative brands on the rise. Any food or beverage company understands the importance of marketing your brand in this highly competitive industry.

Cutting-edge technology and unique, contemporary culinary flavors are what constantly keep the food and beverage industry unique. Your marketing strategy should be no different.

How to Make Your Food & Beverage Brand Stand Out in the Crowd 

So you’ve gotten through the digital marketing basics – you’ve established a strong business strategy, brand identity and developed a website , optimized your entire website’s content with local SEO, and launched a pay-per-click advertising campaign. What’s next?

In a saturated yet essential industry, food and beverage brands must constantly be thinking ahead on how to stand out to their consumers.

Check out these 4 unique ways to market your food and beverage brand.

1. Imagery Focused Forward Branding 

There are many different social media platforms brands can advertise on. Of these many platforms available, they all seem to have one thing in common. Social media is predominantly image focused.

Head Business Chief for Instagram, Adam Mosseri stated the app will be finding a more even balance this year, “I think we were overfocused on video in 2022 and pushed ranking too far. We’ve since balanced, like how often someone likes photos versus videos, which is a good sign.”

A marketing report by Foap revealed 80% of marketers use an image in every single social media post. When it comes to your brand, highlight your featured food or beverage to draw in users for higher click-through rates, shares, and engagement.

Use captivating imagery that showcases your brand identity. Find out-of-the-box ways to create imagery content that represents your product and company.

Champ now offers media and photography services – whether it’s photography for staff headshots, product shots and corporate photography for advertising, websites or events,, we’re here for all your marketing needs!

2. Product Placements and Partnerships 

With the wide variety of media outlets and platforms, product placement is highly effective. It’s essentially known as an ‘embedded’ marketing technique where a company’s product or service is showcased in the media. This can be in the form of television shows, movies, commercials, music videos, and even social media.

A market report by YouGov stated that a third of global consumers (31%) find product placement effective for food and beverage brands.

Some product placements form to reach a targeted audience, while others may simply utilize a specific media platform to build brand recognition and increase sales.

Brands can leverage the influence of product placement to present their featured items in a more natural setting. This also helps develop a deeper connection with the consumer.

Partner with other local brands and restaurants to reach a wider audience. Collaborate with artists or social media influencers to present your brand from a more casual, lifestyle perspective.

In the way we often impatiently skip over ads that disrupt our viewing, product placements can be a more creative and natural way to present your brand.

3. Reviews & Testimonials 

When users are searching the internet for specific products or services, first impressions are everything. A market insight research report by BrightLocal suggested 98% of consumers used the internet to find information on local businesses.

Genuine testimonials from real customers have a great influence on the potential customer’s purchasing decision. This is especially true for customers who have discovered your food or beverage brand online.

Presenting customer reviews on your business website helps to build a trustworthy connection between your brand and the interested consumer. Online customer testimonials establish credibility for your brand, no matter positive or negative.

Plus, why wouldn’t you want to show off your brand’s praise and appreciation from happy customers?

4. Sponsored Demos & Food or Beverage Pop-Ups 

Pop-up shops and demos have been a trending marketing technique for the food and beverage industry. It’s another ideal way to get your brand in front of consumers in a naturally enjoyable way.

In a survey conducted by Event Track, 74% of consumers stated they were more likely to purchase products promoted and or sponsored at a live event.

Sponsored pop-up shops and live sampling are great for food and beverage brands in several ways:

  • Increase product and brand awareness
  • Gain a wider customer base
  • Engage with consumers for real-time feedback
  • Provide an immersive experience people will remember

Plus, hosting a sponsored tasting event gives your brand the ultimate creative freedom and control to tailor an unforgettable experience that matches your brand’s identity.

With a uniquely creative approach and a clear goal set, sponsored demos and pop-ups help to connect your brand with people and deepen the consumer’s relationship with your products.

Get Creative with Champ’s Marketing Services for the Food and Beverage Industry 

Your business must be constantly finding unique, engaging, and intriguing ways to market your food or beverage products and connect with potential customers – or you’ll risk getting lost in the sea of industry brands!

Led by a team of experts and decades of experience, Champ’s digital marketing team is ready to brainstorm the next unique food and beverage marketing strategy with you! Contact us to share your business goals and get started today.

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