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Tips for a Better Small Business Website

Small business owners are in a unique position to benefit massively from a web presence. 

Having a website can allow you to even the playing field with larger competitors and get 24/7 promotion of your service and products even while you are sleeping soundly. Websites can be overwhelming to build though and with limited resources it important that you focus on these important items when building your website.


  1. Hire a professional: As a small business owner it can seem tempting to use one of the many do-it-yourself or free options out there to build your site. However, unless you are very tech savvy, it is probably worth at least a small investment up front to get help creating a foundation for your site that your know will function the way that you want. Too many small business owners waste vast amounts of time before realizing they can’t accomplish what they are looking for alone.
  2. Choose a scalable platform: If your website is working, your business should be growing right? There may be bells and whistles that you need to forego at first due to limitations on time or budget, but make sure that you have your site built in a platform that will allow easy additions and upgrades over time as your business grows.  There is nothing more disappointing that investing all of your time and energy into building a website that you find to be obsolete only a year or two later.
  3. Focus on your audience first: Make sure that you build your site to cater to your audience.  While you shouldn’t disregard what your competition is doing, adding features or pages that your audience doesn’t need or won’t use just because other sites have them may be wasteful.
  4. Make sure maintenance will be easy:  Be realistic about how much time will be available for making updates to your site. Don’t include features like a blog or newsletter if you know that you won’t be able to update them regularly and keep them fresh.  Likewise, make sure that the platform you choose is one that you are comfortable with so that you have the control to make minor updates yourself and only need to call in help for more substantial upgrades.

Keep these items in mind when you are planning your small business website development and your new site should serve you well now and in the future.

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