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New website promotes acts of kindness by high school students

This article was featured on The Patriot Ledger on September 30, 2015. You can read the full article here.

Champ Internet Solutions, a Newton-based, full-service marketing agency specializing in web design and development, digital marketing and brand strategy, recently announced the launch of a new website designed and developed for the Metta Students Foundation, a Providence, Rhode Island-based 501(c) nonprofit organization that promotes and rewards acts of kindness performed by high school students. The word “metta” means love and kindness.

The new website is completely re-designed and optimized for SEO, has a responsive design for optimal performance on any type of device, and clearly communicates the Metta story and mission, while showcasing the program’s monthly $1,000 grant winners. A highlight of the new website is a section that invites visitors to submit their Metta Moment in the form of a video. The new site also includes the nomination form, and promotes the use of the #sharemetta and #mettamoment hashtags to relay acts of student kindness through Facebook and Twitter.

The Metta Students Foundation was started in October 2012 when organization founder, Norm Kelly, heard of one teen’s act of kindness to another, taking a wheelchair-bound classmate with cerebral palsy to the senior prom. Kelly was so moved by this teen’s compassion that he wanted to do more to reward other teens who go out of their way to #sharemetta. The organization is in its third year and has awarded more than $26,000 in grants to high school students in Rhode Island. This fall, the Metta Students Foundation expands to award grants in Massachusetts. For more information:

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