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Image Selection Can Make or Break an Advertisement

Harnessing the power of an image in a Facebook advertisement is a guaranteed way in which to boost the click-through rates resulting from your advertising efforts. We suggest focusing on six central practices for making the most of your Facebook ad images. 

  1. Use happy people. Research has shown that the most successful image when it comes to ad conversions on Facebook is a woman, making eye contact with the camera and smiling. While your picture does not necessarily have to be this specific, try having the main subject of your image smiling and making eye contact with any consumers who see it. 
  2. Use unique color schemes. Make sure that the colors within your ad and image are not just going to blend in with the blue and white theme of Facebook. Try contrasting colors, a brighter color, or a noticeable border or background. 
  3. Use familiar logos. Using logos gives viewers a quick reference for a company and the more they see your logo the more encouragement they will have to seek you out. The more well known your logo is, the more success you will have with this technique. 
  4. Propose something of value. Nothing grabs attention like a relevant and enticing offer from a company. Using the word free, mentioning a contest, or using a bright color here can be extra beneficial. 
  5. Use animals and kids. Images of children, pets, or animals in general are automatic attention grabbers. Use these specific subjects in an image to create the “aww” factor. 
  6. Use laughter as a tool. As long as it is relevant to your business brand and appropriate, use a silly image or make a joke with your Facebook advertisement. This is an excellent way to show that your company has a great sense of humor, encouraging viewers to want to know you. 

As always, test out these different techniques among real live viewers to get a sense of which methods work best for your business. Facebook advertisements need to grab the attention of those scrolling by them, and images are a great way to do this. For this reason, the image can be the most important part of the ad. Use our tips to make your Facebook ad image have a larger impact on your ad’s performance.

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