Focus on Startups: Five Social Media Tips for Those Just Starting Out
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Focus on Startups: Five Social Media Tips for Those Just Starting Out

Focus on Startups: Five Social Media Tips for Those Just Starting Out

Most successful entrepreneurs know that a strong social media presence is key to business success – but establishing such a presence can be downright daunting. Read on for five ways to stand out – even if you’re new to the game.

Create a Strong Profile

Before you begin building your audience, update the followers you’ve already got. Share quality content and valuable status updates that will pique your viewers’ attention and give them a reason to stay – even if you don’t have a follower base yet. With a few relevant links, pieces of advice, or remarks, new visitors will arrive at a page already stocked with useful content.

No Shame in Finding Friends

Harness the power of the Friend Finder – or its alternative. Twitter lets you search your email contacts to bolster your follower count, and Facebook offers an advanced People Search option you can use to sort users from specific businesses, locations, and schools. LinkedIn, in addition to allowing you to harvest your email contacts for connections, suggests current and former colleagues and classmates based on the information you provide on your profile.

Embrace Cross-Promotion

If you’ve got multiple social media accounts, don’t be afraid to cross-promote: invite users from one account to follow you in another. You might send a breezy tweet, for example, to Twitter followers, requesting that they join you on Instagram for even more useful information or relevant content. Pinterest lets you link to Twitter and Facebook, and Woobox, an app-maker created for Facebook, lets you add tabs to your Facebook page for your Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts – all for free.


Anyone who has enjoyed success on social media knows how important it is to engage. Engaging online means more than just posting unique content – it’s about responding to the work others are doing, too. “Like” other pages on Facebook, participate actively on Facebook groups, and jot quick replies to Twitter posts you find stimulating. Use hashtags to connect to broader audiences – and utilize your social media presence as a way to make connections that can broaden your own horizons. Viewing social media as an opportunity to learn – not just an opportunity to sell – can earn you more followers than you might think.

As you wade into the waters of social media, be patient with yourself and your brand. You probably won’t enjoy glory overnight, but with concerted effort and a little imagination, you’re bound to see your list of followers increase as you post, reply, and participate in the types of global conversations social media is famous for.