5 Best Practices to Entice Your Customers to Write Product Reviews
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5 Best Practices to Entice Your Customers to Write Product Reviews

Business owners know how important customer reviews are and how often they influence new customers. A recent survey published by Zendesk Survey, reported
that “90% of participants claimed that positive online reviews influenced their buying decision.” This ultimately means that positive reviews can fuel
more purchases and even more reviews. With that fundamental principal in mind, it’s imperative to spend some of your marketing time focusing on reviews.

In today’s world it’s about speed and efficiency. In many cases people don’t spend the time writing reviews because there is no incentive. Don’t get me
wrong, I’ve reviewed my fair share of products (some of them less than favorable), however, the ratio of reviews to actual product purchases is dismal
at best. Nevertheless there are plenty of businesses out there that seem to be gathering reviews at a higher rate than normal, which begs the question:
what are they doing that I’m not? The answer is about as simple as you can imagine: INCENTIVES.

Marketing strategists understand the large influence reviews carry on potential customers, and try their best to encourage product purchasers to leave
the feedback for others to follow. These techniques are by no means a guarded secret, but take some focused effort to implement and monitor over time.
In order to shed light on that those that need guidance, here’s a list of five techniques to help your business and/or products attain more reviews.

  1. Offer free product giveaways for reviews

  2. More than likely, most people that purchase your product or service are not going to review it, unless they are either extremely satisfied or dissatisfied.
    If you’re like most businesses you don’t have time to wait for customers to write you a review. By offering the customer a free product you can
    place yourself in a better position for obtaining a favorable review. This method doesn’t work for all businesses of course, but for products with
    a minimal cost, this could be a technique that proves useful.

  3. Offer individuals a chance to win a grand prize by submitting a review

  4. If your product is too expensive to give away, it might make more sense to offer the chance of winning a grand prize in return for a review. If you
    have a large number of customers purchasing your products, but not leaving reviews this technique might be more favorable for you. The incentive
    could be: “Write us a product review to be entered into our monthly grand prize!”

  5. Make it easy to leave reviews

  6. If you have customers that genuinely want to review your products, don’t make them jump through hoops to do so. Nothing is worse than being forced
    to fill out an extensive and complicated online form to post a review. A simple form with a few key pieces of information is all the customer wants
    to fill out. Reviews are something that should be simple and easy to do and written to benefit the next customer.

  7. Incentivize employees to ask for customer reviews

  8. Sometimes all you have to do is ask. Many customer reviews are easy to obtain, but require a nudge to facilitate. Make sure that your customer service
    representatives know the importance of promoting your online review system to the customers they are speaking to. Implementing an incentive plan
    for your employees to garner more feedback, is a great way to encourage your employees to actively ask for customer reviews and encourage a little
    fun competition.

  9. Thank your reviewers

  10. As a final tip, it is always in best practice to both acknowledge and thank your reviewers. By showing your appreciation, reviewers are more likely
    to review in the future and promote your business or products to their friends and family, praising your customer service at the same time. Acquiring
    reviews may be a difficult task, but it is definitely worth it in the long run. And always remember to follow-up as soon as possible on any comments
    (positive or negative) to demonstrate your dedication to your customers.