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Videos Enhance User Experience

Any company, big or small, no matter the product they are selling, whether an object or a service, can benefit from using videos on their website. Videos
draw in users and significantly increase the chances of a sale. Additionally, videos offer a new way to view a product and increase the friendliness
of a company through a very personable avenue. 

Here are 5 great ways to use video on your website: 

  1. Add video to the “About” portion of your website. This allows for another layer of depth as you explain who you are and what your company does. There is no better place to show your personality and draw in the trust of your customers. Also, it is a fun way to tell your story! 
  2. Try vlogging information to your users. As an extension of your “About” section, adding a vlog allows you to remain the friendly tour guide for users. A vlog is a wonderful place to explain a process while showing it in action, or to feature people involved with your business similar to those who might be looking to get involved. Many people out there appreciate being shown how to do a thing, rather than having to read instructions. 
  3. Exhibit each of your products as they are meant to be. Incorporating videos of your products being used has two benefits: One, it is a clear way to show how it is a product is used and two, it pushes aside any fears online shoppers might have about not seeing a product in person. Videos of products leave very few questions unanswered, giving a consumer more confidence that your product is what they want. 
  4. Show pride in media mentions! Find any videos from TV or online where your business is mentioned. Showing off is a good thing here and proves to anyone checking out your site that you already have a fan base. Videos of public arenas where your product is on display or receiving praise gives viewers reassurance that real people like your real product. 
  5. Make space for your videos. If you have enough of them, or hope to create enough of them, make a specific section of your site devoted entirely to videos. This allows viewers to seek out bundles of video information and have an organized resource for reference. Some people don’t want to go looking for more than text proving your product is worth their time, so make it easily available! By using one or more of these creative methods to include videos on your website, you are guaranteed to increase your consumer base and to better provide entertainment and information to those viewers.
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