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Utilize Ad Campaigns on Social Media

Since people spend the majority of their time on the Internet on social media websites, it makes sense that advertising on these sites is an excellent way to boost the popularity of your company. 

Even when away from their computers, people are still able to look at their phone and often are, furthering the idea that advertising on social media is
more useful today than most physical advertisements, in magazines or billboards, for example.

Another element of social media advertising is the ability of your advertisement to be most obvious to your most targeted audience. Sites such as Facebook
have so much specific demographic information available to them about their users; they are able to place advertisements very strategically. If you
are promoting a high-protein energy bar, you might be best served by making younger individuals with athletic interests aware of your product. When
advertising with Facebook, you can pay to place your ad on the pages of people who fit these criteria. Furthermore, say you are a local company, working
on growing, but currently unable to ship your product a far distance. You can focus in on a certain geographical area so your money is not wasted telling
people in California to eat something they can only get in Massachusetts! 

With targeted social media advertising, you will be getting more bang for your buck as well as increasing the likelihood that those most likely to be interested
in your product are the ones who are most likely to see it.