Relevancy and the importance of unique content for your SEO strategy
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Relevancy and the importance of unique content for your SEO strategy

by Seth Worby

“Content is King”

When I started in the industry over a decade ago, one of the first things I heard from my mentors was “Content is King.” Sure enough, ten years later this still rings true.

This statement is easy to make but what does it really mean? Let’s break it down.

The three major principles a site must achieve to be successfully optimized for the major search engines such as Google are:

  • Indexability
  • Authoritativeness
  • Relevancy

So this age old adage “Content is King” where does it fall within the three major categories?

As Google becomes more advanced in their algorithms we tend to need to do less these days than ever before to get all our sites pages indexed properly.

Authoritativeness also known as trustworthy-ness is dependent on how other websites and people view, mention and link to your website.

This leaves relevancy as the last principle factor that drives successful SEO rankings.

Once a site is indexed and considered an authority by the major search engines, the content is analyzed to determine which keywords are worthy of being ranked for the site. Typically strong content that includes the keywords you are looking to be “relevant” (AKA: rank for in the search engine) should be included throughout the content of your website. This doesn’t mean stuff the keyword in the page everywhere, even when it doesn’t make sense. But it does mean make a conscious effort to include it in the first sentence of your paragraphs and anywhere else within the content where it can be read. Achieving the right keyword density for your keywords is crucial if you want to succeed in ranking.

A few ways we recommend increasing your content to make it “king” in your industry are:

  • FAQ Sections
  • Glossaries
  • Articles
  • Blog
  • Interactive Forums
  • Tips
  • Videos

Creating sections, pages and interactive content like the recommendations listed above and adding them to your website will aid in increasing the ranking of your site in the major search engines.