Four Ways to Add Video to Your Social Media Presence
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Four Ways to Add Video to Your Social Media Presence

Last year, Facebook announced that they’d give some longer videos a News Feed boost, making them more visible to users. And across social media, video is taking center stage as the preeminent marking avenue, and entrepreneurs would do well to harness this valuable technology immediately. Read on for four easy ways to integrate video into your social media presence. 

Make it Worth It. 

The best way to make sure your video content gets seen is to produce material your users will value. It’s tough to capture and hold an audience’s attention, so harness little tools, like subtitles, to make viewing easier. Consider how you can embed actionable advice into the video content, because once your customers trust the advice you’re putting forth, they’re bound to come back for more.

Call Users to Action

Tiny calls to action should play a role in every video – even if you’re pitching a new product. Include next steps in your video, like a button or link that can lead to more information. Most successful Facebook ads contain buttons in the bottom corner of the screen that deliver short, straightforward calls to action, like “Contact Us.” However you approach the call to action, make it obvious. Take your user’s hand and lead them to the next step if you really want your video initiatives to pay off.

Grab Them with a Thumbnail

Today’s users scroll through their social media feeds swiftly, and it’s integral that your video stands out if you plan to get noticed. Effective thumbnails can draw even busy users in with effective taglines or powerful images. Invite your viewer in with a question: “Do you want to grow your business?” “Do you want to make social media work harder for you?” “Are you interested in better design?” Or, try a catchy banner statement, like “Five Ways to Boost Your Business Now!” Even well-selected emojis or effective images can stop a person’s scrolling in its tracks.

Gauge the Need

Before you begin creating content, take the time to recognize what your users are looking for most. Why are they taking the time to watch? What do they need to learn? What issue or problem are they looking to solve – and what problem do they not even know they have? With any type of content, it pays not to be pushy – instead, use quality language and thoughtful images to draw viewers in. Use direct language, like “you” and “your company” or “your brand” to personalize content, and ask frequent questions or create unique storylines to keep viewers engaged.

As you create and promote video content, remember the golden rule of the videographer: Respect your viewer’s time. Put quality above quantity, and keep video content effective, direct, and engaging. Short, fresh videos can do wonders for your brand, after all.