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5 Simple Steps for Creating Your Own Successful Brand

Brainstorming about a new business idea or trying to get your brand on Shark Tank? Take a step back and think about what it all means to both you and your customers or clients. Put on your branding hat and read through some of these thought starters to get your brand noticed.

Gain Business Clarity

  • Define your company’s strengths and general purpose.
  • Identify your “Sweet Spot”. These are the services/products you most like to offer AND the services/products people most like to buy from you.
  • Solidify your core business beliefs and values and build everything around that foundation.

Study Your Ideal Customer

  • Learn all about your customer’s beliefs, values, habits, and desires.
  • Ask yourself how you can help fill their need and make a difference in their world with your services/products.
  • Brand your business by speaking your customer’s language. (ex. If your ideal customer is formal and corporate, your branding and messaging should reflect a similar corporate tone as well as aesthetic style)
  • View your customers as people – not profit.

Don’t Just Sell to People, Create a Positive Impact

  • Go beyond your own business’ story and create a positive impact in your customer’s lives and/or community. Good people want to buy from other good people.
  • Remember the positive impact isn’t about you, it’s about your customers, and how you can positively fill a void or need.

Showcase Offerings that are Clear and Easy to Buy

  • Narrow your products and services and create offerings that are clear and easy to buy.
  • Ensure these offerings connect with your client’s needs and overlap with your defined “Sweet Spot,” outlined under Gain Business Clarity.

Create an Experience

Remember your brand embodies all aspects of your business so create an experience that your clients won’t easily forget. Take every opportunity to WOW them so they will become a faithful fan and follower. The best types of referrals are word of mouth from people that have had a positive experience working with you.

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