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5 Highly Effective Ways to Boost E-Commerce Sales

Today’s marketing world is showing there are hundreds of different ways to reach targeted audiences and broaden the voice of your brand. With e-commerce and online shopping, it’s important to stay fresh with ideas on how to stand out in a saturated market and boost retail sales.

Once you have a solid business plan and marketing strategy in place, your brand must seek ways to continuously outreach targeted consumers and generate sales and lead conversions.

Through successful projects and relationships with clients of various industries, our team at Champ has found a handful of highly effective tips when it comes to boosting your e-commerce sales.

  1. Promotions, Specials & Deals

    It’s no secret that everyone loves a good discount. With the consumer in mind, presenting the option of promotions and discounts on specific products entices the consumer into a higher purchase decision.  When it comes to your e-commerce shop, you have a great opportunity to toy with the discount amount on your products with greater demand.  Sales statistics suggest that products with some sort of discount will sell more in the long run. Establishing a strong sales discount strategy will help you further determine your price margin.

  2. Optimized Product Menu, Descriptions, and Navigation

    SEO optimization is the gateway to any website gaining visibility. There are plenty of areas you can ensure your e-commerce website is in top optimal shape for search engine crawling. As a rule of thumb, it is helpful to check that each product and menu page on your e-commerce website follows these general SEO practices:

    • Educational resources or blog content that is relevant to the product and provides great readability
    • Optimized information for text-based and voice-based searches
    • Cultivating backlinks and establishing domain authority

    For instance, your website’s shop and product menu should be clearly organized and structured for the consumer to easily navigate.  Depending on the types of products your shop carries, all item options should have clear product images and descriptions that match the item being sold. These descriptions can be optimized with high-ranking queries and researched keywords from your SEO strategy to further optimize the product page.

  3. QR Codes & Targeted Digital Advertising

    Today’s modern tech world offers numerous ways for companies to get their name and service out to their target audience. Between the different social media platforms and digital marketing softwares at our disposal, it’s about finding a unique and accessible way to drive consumers to your e-commerce site.  Marketing with QR codes allows you to connect the consumer to your e-commerce shop at a quick first impression. It’s a simple way to cut steps out of the consumer’s journey while effectively directing them to your shop.  Plus, implementing QR codes in your digital advertising content can help your company to easily measure the effectiveness of the campaign or targeted ad. It can help to collect first-party data and consumer insights, which can then be leveraged to direct future promotions and campaigns around browsing behavior.  Whether it’s on a business card, posted in a social media ad, or even in today’s TV commercials – a QR code is a quick way to capture your audience and keep them engaged.

  4. Simplified Checkout & Payment Options

    It may seem minute, but offering various forms of payment for your online website is imperative to your shop as a whole.

    According to TD Bank’s Annual Consumer Spending Index, 23% of millennial consumers don’t even own a credit card. Signing your shop up with an e-wallet for PayPal, debit cards, or other safe money wiring services will grant more payment options and shopping ease for your consumers.

    Additionally, implementing an automated abandoned cart message for online shoppers with any unfinished purchases can be the friendly push the consumer needs to make their purchase.

    As the final step in the sales funnel, payment gateways, having multiple forms of online payment can help to increase sales conversions.

  5. Solid Email & SMS Marketing Strategy

    Of all highly effective ways to boost your e-commerce sales, there’s one element that harmoniously ties all these factors together. Constructing a solid email marketing strategy helps to actively reach your target audience and reduce abandoned shopping carts.  Customer data can be collected through promotional website discounts, adding signup boxes at checkout, or special incentives through newsletters or online content. Companies can then build an email list and reach a wide audience of interested consumers and potential customers.  Personalizing email and SMS marketing campaigns towards the consumer’s purchasing behavior or the latest trends can create a more personalized connection with your brand. This form of marketing strategy works to directly present all the features of your online store directly into the consumer’s inbox and funnel them into the final phase of purchasing.

Increase E-Commerce Sales with Champ Digital Marketing Agency

When you’re running your own online business, marketing your e-commerce website is a whole other job in itself! Staying up to date with the latest e-commerce trends and tips can help to effectively reach the sales goals you set for your company. With Champ’s digital marketing services, websites can increase online visibility and improve conversion rates to boost e-commerce sales.  From optimizing product pages and store menus, establishing paid search campaign strategy, and launching email and SMS marketing, our expert team of digital campaign strategizers are here to help your business grow.

Ready to put these highly effective tips on boosting your e-commerce sales into action? Contact us today!