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Why You Ought to Set SSL Up Now

At this point, most of us know the difference between a HTTP website and a HTTPS website. Mainly, with HTTPS there is an added level of security. How is this security created? Well, that is where SSL comes in. 

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it is the encryption technology that is used in the industry to create a secure connection between a web browser
and a web server. The link created by SSL guarantees privacy for the information going between the web browser and the web server.

The most evident benefit to utilizing a SSL certificate for encryption is the protection it offers to both the host as well as the customers of a website.
This added security is important in a world of technological advancement where stealing personal information grows easier and easier. Google even announced
not too long ago that websites using a HTTPS/SSL encryption would receive a rankings boost. While small in actuality, this boost is still an opportunity
and speaks to the growing importance of higher security on the web.

The security enhancement happens through three main avenues. 1) the SSL certification ensures that the website is the actual website that the server is
intending to communicate with, 2) the SSL protects a website from any third party tampering, and 3) the SSL automatically encrypts all communications
and information, thus preventing access to any personal information that is stored. Another immediate impact of using SSL for a site is that referrer
data is automatically logged, so matter what the previous site was. With simple HTTP, you will look all this data in your website traffic.

There are two primary options when it comes to purchasing a SSL certification. Option 1: Standard Validation SSL, which includes a standard level of protection
and  Option 2: Extended Validation SSL, which includes the highest level of protection and costs a bit more.

Contact Champ to determine what level of security makes the most sense for your business.

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