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Why View Someone’s Activity On LinkedIn?

By viewing someone’s activity in their LinkedIn profile, you can have a wealth of important information at your fingertips. 

Checking someone’s activity feed on LinkedIn is simple to do, and the information you find there can be crucial to building lasting relationships with
potential clients, business partners, and more. 

In order to see the activity feed for a particular person or company, place your mouse on the arrow to the right of “Send a message.” Then, from the dropdown
menu that appears, select “View recent activity.” These steps lead you directly to the most recent things that the person has done on LinkedIn. Similarly,
if you would like to view your own activity feed in order to assess what others are seeing, you can 1) click on “Your recent activity” on your home
page or 2) navigate from the main menu on LinkedIn to “Profile,” and then “Your Updates.” 

The data in the activity feed contains a great deal of information regarding what the individual or company does. The more active a person is, the more
you will be able to find out about them. For example, you might learn more about what interests them through shared or liked articles, posts, and links.
You can also stay up-to-date on someone’s job title and role as they update their profile. The people a user is connected with, as well as the groups
of which they are a part, can provide vital information about what is important to them and what they work to achieve. All of this can help you build
more solid relationships by fostering a greater variety of topics to communicate about. 

Powered with the information you might find on someone’s activity feed on LinkedIn, you can ask them about recent articles they read, help them make connections
similar to those they have, suggest a blog to follow or a book to read, offer congratulations on a promotion or new position. There are endless ways
to utilize the information to be gained from a user’s LinkedIn profile. By simply accessing someone’s activity feed, you are better able to target
commonalities and foster connections that you might otherwise have missed.

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