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Which Social Platform?

With so many choices how do you pick? Of course we’re talking about that daunting choice of which social media site you want to pump energy into for your company. When choosing what social media fits your business best, you need to look at what your business is aiming to accomplish using social media. Next you want to figure out what your customer base looks like, and what platforms they are using.  If you have a customer base that is mostly young kids and teens, what your business uses for social media is going to differ greatly from someone who is trying to reach customers in their fifties.  A few good ways of find out what your customers are using is by asking them individually what social media they use most often, or use a survey to collect some insight on the subject. A last important tip when making this choice is to remember you want to get a return on the time you are investing.  It’s great if you have a very active social media account, but make sure that social media platform is engaging customers as well as bringing in sales prospects.

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