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Which Facebook Ad Is Right For You?

The first type of Facebook advertisement is the Page Post Engagement. When you use the page post engagement, you encourage the popularity of a photo or
video, a link, or even just a status. The idea is to increase your viewer engagement through likes, comments, photo views, or shares. 

Next are Page Likes. When this type of advertisement shows up on a user’s sidebar, it displays the likes that your business page has already earned (it
also displays friends connected to that particular user who liked your business). This shows the user that you are credible and already well trusted. 

Then there are Clicks to Website. This option is similar to an engagement post mentioned above, but it has the added feature of a call to action button,
sending the user straight to your business’s website. This directs web traffic straight to your homepage or a landing page, offering more information
about your company faster. Website Conversions uses the Facebook Conversion Pixel to optimize your ad for whatever purpose you want to entice users
toward. You can customize the ad to some kind of registration or even straight to a checkout section of a site. 

Next, App Installs/App Engagement advertisements encourage viewers to download and use your app. Should your business have an app, this can be a great
way to broaden awareness of this helpful tool. Event Responses are a great way to promote a specific event that your business is having. Make your
invitation into an advertisement! Finally, a classic form of advertising, the Offer Claim. Use Offer Claims to promote deals or discounts to new or
returning customers. Nothing pulls someone in like a coupon! Try one or more of these clever Facebook advertising techniques out and see the results
instantly. Take advantage of the expansiveness of the technological advertising today!

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