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What’s the Expiration Date on Your Web Content?

When you think about how up-to-date and useful your website is, are you thinking only about the latest design trends? 

When is the last time you actually read your company’s website? When were the pictures taken? The way your website performs is so much more than its design
and calls-to-action.

In order to garner more visits to your site, especially repeat visits from your customers, you have to make sure that your web content is fresh. We aren’t
talking about just your home page here, we mean all of your content. 

At the most basic level, someone in your business should be reading through and reviewing your site content at least twice per year. This allows for basic
proofreading, updating of dates that may have changed, and making sure all information is still relevant and correct. Additionally, there should be
built in features on your site where content is new and interesting on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis. This can include periodical content like
blogs and newsletters, social media feeds, professional publications and articles, and more.

Your home page ought to change the most, with regular updates to your imagery and calls to action. Depending on your business, there may be seasonal changes
you need to address or quarterly updates. Your home page is often your customer’s first impression of you so you need to make sure its a good one.

By keeping your web content new and interesting you can make your website a genuine destination instead of only a business card.

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