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Web Standards on the Internet

Web standards can be thought of as technical specifications that refer to technology and coding and their use on the web. 

There are a number of standards organizations that work both together and separately to develop the current listing of standards. This ensures that no single company or individual is dominating control over the vastly used and respected list of standards for web development.

Some of the organizations involved include the following: The World Wide Web Consortium, the Internet Engineering Task Force, the International Organization for Standardization, Ecma International, the Unicode Consortium, and the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. When labeled as compliant with web standards, a website will typically have valid HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; include the appropriate character encoding and server settings; valid object and script embedding; and independent codes for the browser and resolution. The fundamental features acknowledged by web standards are specific recommendations for markup languages, stylesheets, ECMA Script, and Document Object Models. Also noted are proper addresses and names for each page and other resources used. 

Having a regulatory system in place by which website developers abide is important to establish control and standards that a tool as great as the internet must follow. By using a range of people and organizations to maintain these standards, it is intended that they remain beneficial to the web developing world as a whole and are continuously updated and upgraded to reflect the times and needs of websites today.

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