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Web Resources and Design Inspiration Guide

by Eric Colantropo

As a web designer, there is nothing more useful than working with a client that can communicate their design ideas for the vision of their website. Even though it may seem like a designer’s dream to hold all the creative power, sometimes it can be challenging to hold all the cards. A combined effort with the designer along with clear direction from the client is the best of both. All in all, clients do not have to be design experts by any means, but effectively conveying ideas and providing constructive feedback, makes for a much smoother and effortless design process.

With that being said, I have compiled a list of links that I visit on a regular basis for inspiration. These links are powerful resources that I use to spark my creativity and to speed up my daily workflow. My goal of sharing these links is to inspire clients to explore design, color and typography on their own to help facilitate the design process. By seeing what our clients are drawn toward; be it a website’s minimalistic design, an eye popping color or a font that matches their brand identity, it helps the designer make the client’s vision a true reality.

Inspirational Web Design Links:

Color Exploration Sites:

Typography Sites: