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Using LSI to Promote Excellent Rankings

While Blackhat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing are becoming useless and even harmful for your website. How does a business combat this increasing
strictness to make sure that their name is recognized? Let’s learn about LSI! 

Google is cracking down on the expansive ways in which website designers and developers have discovered to maneuver search engine algorithms in their favor. Blackhat SEO tricks, like purchasing extra links, are a thing of the past. Penalties and formal decreases in rank are legitimate outcomes for those websites not playing by the improved rules. While this might seem scary, it is actually a good thing. As the search engines evolve, websites require increases in quality of actual content, making the website, and the company behind it, better. 

The answer lies in LSI, or “latent semantic indexing.” In short, LSI is a wide breadth of keywords that are synonyms of each other and add a great amount
of diversity to the content that your website contains. LSI reduces the amount of spamming that occurs online through repetition of useless information
just to display more instances of a keyword. What these handy little keywords allow is similar content to be written without running the risk of duplication
or over-usage; all while increasing the amount of content you have about a specific topic or theme. 

A simple way to get started compiling potential LSI for your business is to type in any existing keywords you have into a Google search bar and see the
content that is automatically produced by those keywords. This method will give you a sense of what people are actually typing into their Google search
bars when looking for content related to your business. If you know how potential consumers are searching, you can foster website content in line with
these searches and needs. 

SEO now is all about catering your website and product to the user who is looking for you, rather than trying to beat out anyone else in relation to your
business. Implement some well-researched LSI keywords into your web design and you will stay in the clear of breaking the rules while creating a website
that more accurately attracts consumer business.

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