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Using Color to Support Your Web Design

Choosing the color for the text of your website is a delicate element similar to mixing and creating the perfect color for part of a painting. Going in the right direction will make your text richer and fuller, while going in the wrong direction can lead to a crude outcome messing with the balance of your web page. Follow these tips to keep yourself on track:

  1. Contrast: Ensure that your text is readable. Make the contrast strong between your website background and text by using clearly different colors or shades. As a general rule, it is best to have either the background or text be light while the other is dark.  

  2. Congruity: Maintain harmony among all elements of your website. Every image, text, and color choice needs to match and even compliment all the other aspects on your webpage. You can choose bolder color choices, like yellow, just make sure that the opposing background or text is not too dramatic. 

  3. Branding: Use the power of color to support any themes or initiative you already have for your company. A business known for being environmentally oriented might use more greens and earth tones throughout their site or a company that is geared toward children might use more primary colors in their design. Let the colors you choose add emphasis to the bigger goals of your company.

  4. Set Design Standards: Don’t disregard the web design standards already in place for your own text layout. The more common simple rules can serve as guiding principles from which to launch your own creative ideas. 

  5. Culture: Every culture has unique associations between and relationships with colors. Make sure that you know what your target audience will see
    when viewing certain colors. Research into how a country or population can give you ammunition to further support your target message or to
    avoid an unintended one.

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