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Use Twitter to Monitor Influencers + Blogs

Twitter Lists can be incredibly useful. One of the best ways to use Twitter Lists is to create lists containing influencers, as well as specific blogs that you want to follow. What this allows you to do is to see all new content at one time, rather than having to visit all of their Twitter pages individually. 

Just by clicking on this Twitter List, you will see a stream of the latest tweets from anyone on the list. By monitoring your major influencers in this way, you are able to get daily inspiration quickly, and to know that you are not missing anything new and relevant. Additionally, by following blogs by using Twitter Lists, you can rapidly stay up to date on the topics important to you. By checking out the most recent tweets from the blogs you care about most, you can know which ones to look into for the day and not waste any time. Overall, this creates a greater number of insights for you while creating a clear appreciation for anyone you have added to the list. 

If you are a blogger yourself, utilizing these lists allows you to establish and maintain a connection with others doing what you do. There is a good chance that you will have similar tools, workflows, and strategies, and the Twitter List can help you better engage your co-bloggers and improve your own blogging. Along the same lines, with any influencers
you may have, by having them all in one place at one time on a Twitter List, you can more efficiently engage with them and better yourself along the way. Using Twitter Lists to monitor your influencers and relevant blogs is a must.

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