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Use Twitter Lists to Engage with Your Tribe & Other Audience Segments

By engaging your fans and other audiences with Twitter Lists, you are optimizing your reach into the social community, boosting your popularity, and increasing your Internet presence. 

Say you wanted to build engagement among your biggest followers. What you could do is add them all to a private Twitter List. Then, you can use that list to monitor any tweets from that group of people. Additionally, you can regularly engage with any tweets from this group that you find relevant or interesting. This makes it easy to ensure that you are constantly engaging with your biggest followers. 

Using this Twitter List would also create a chance to recognize any of your most active fans and reward them for being so faithful to you. Another example would be making a private list of any clients you might have. This permits you to stay on top of the quality and content of what they are updating. You could also create a list of users that you hope will notice you and become fans of you or your business. With this list, you will be able to optimize opportunities to engage with these users and track their updates in hopes of getting them to follow you. Everyone who you put onto one of your Twitter Lists is notified of this activity. This is the perfect way to acknowledge those you want to make more of a connection with as well as boosting engagement with those who are already your fans and active on your account. 

Creating Twitter Lists help you to organize your business or personal account while simultaneously increasing your social activity and connectivity with others. This tool must not be ignored as a way to engage with your tribe and other audience segments of all sorts.

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