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Use Buy on Google to Increase Retail Sales

With the significant rise of e-commerce sales and the mobile revolution, a new term “Mobile Commerce” has become a heavily used buzz phrase over the past few years. Online retailers are seeing an increase in mobile purchasing and Google has picked up on this trend.

Google is at the forefront to the mobile commerce movement and has adjusted its user experience accordingly. In 2015, Google unveiled the concept for ‘Purchases on Google’ to consumers. Users searching for products in Google are presented with a ‘Buy on Google’ call to action button. These buttons are featured on certain product ads once a user has done a search from a mobile device.

Google has always focused on the user, with the mission of providing the best, most accurate, search result. These product ads are no exception; they are enhanced with details about ratings, reviews, and availability at a local store. This allows the consumer to do their due diligence and feel as through they are making well thought out decisions rather than Google pressuring them into an impulse buy.

The streamlined mobile friendly process can help retailers grow their online sales dramatically. The checkout process is hosted by Google, and the retailer can brand the checkout process to their liking. Checking out on Google is simple, especially when payment credentials are connected with the consumers Google account. According to Google, these LIAs (Local Inventory Ads) have increased clicks on shopping ads by 85 percent! This change has not only streamlined online shopping for users, but it has opened up opportunities for online retailers as well.

In recent months, Google has been working with retailers such as eBay, Flipkart and Zalando to add ‘deep links’ to product ads, which encourage users to download the retailer’s app. We cannot wait to see what Google unveils next!

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