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Use Alt Tags with Images to Enhance SEO

Completing the alt tags for images on your website is a simple, useful, and a great way to leverage the potential SEO benefit of your images. 

As with the main content of your website, you will want to be tasteful in the number of times you add a keyword to alt text to ensure it does not get classified
as spamming. However, by categorically titling the pictures you are taking advantage of an opportunity to increase keyword use. It is best to use a
keyword that is as close as possible to actual representation of the image it is describing, and try to only use one keyword per alt tag. Keep it short
and straightforward. Alt tags between 5 to 15 words are ideal and you will want to provide useful information about the image within the alt tag in
order to help the search engine be directed to your site. Precision in alt text is the goal. Be sure to go through your entire site and define alt
tags for all of the images you use. Adding images (not excessively though!) and allowing more chances for alt tags is a great way to boost SEO as well. 

Typically, search engines cannot understand images. With alt tags you are contributing material to keyword rankings that otherwise would be passed over.
Use alt tags and give Google more roads that lead straight to your site!

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