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Unplug Your Way to Creativity: Staying Productive in the Digital Age

Screens dominate the lives of most entrepreneurs – and it’s not hard to see why. When the majority of modern business is conducted online, it’s no surprise
that we’re uber-connected to our smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Yet more screen time doesn’t always mean more work gets done, and less screen time
could actually lead to a boost in productivity. Read on for a few simple ways to stimulate your brand, manage your time, and do a lot more – with less.

Break it Up

When a project is due, the earnest entrepreneur will do whatever it takes to get the job done – but too much time devoted to one task could slow you down.
Long chunks of time spent staring at screens can lead to mental exhaustion, without you even knowing it. In the classroom, most teachers know to mix
it up, changing the activity every twenty minutes or so to keep students engaged and actively learning.

The same goes for the modern worker: we function better when we’re moving between activities. Our mind gets stale after long periods spent on one task,
but we’re more likely to work efficiently – and with more inspiration – when we move from one objective to the next.

Make a Move

Physical activity works to stimulate the brain, facilitating productive blood flow and flushing out the system. Sitting too long works as a sedative, lulling
our bodies into an unproductive state. Plus, brief bouts of movement – even walking up and down the stairs, or into a colleague’s office – burn calories
and help to ease the lower back pain so many entrepreneurs complain of. Squeeze a stress ball, hold a walking meeting, or just take the stairs to use
a different restroom. A brief jaunt outside – or even a few breaths of fresh air – can do wonders to clear the head and inspire the mind, so you’ll
return to the drawing board refreshed and ready to pick up where you left off.

Chat it Up

If you’re stuck on a project that’s dragging along, consider taking a moment to reach out to a friend or check in with a colleague. Two heads can often
be better than one, and even someone unfamiliar with the scenario can sometimes offer just the advice you need. Those in other fields or departments
may have something to offer, and just because they don’t have your background doesn’t mean they don’t have ideas of their own. Once in a while, a quick
chat is all it takes to reset your brain. So give your keyboard a rest, and get up to say a quick hello. The movement combined with a potentially-inspired
exchange could be all it takes to get the juices flowing.

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