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Truly Engage: Embedded Tweets Make It Easy

Embedded tweets are a convenient, effortless way to increase traffic, cultivate brand awareness, and promote upcoming events and seasonal offers. To embed a tweet onto your website, just hover your mouse over the tweet in question, then click on “Embed Tweet.” Copy the sharing code provided, then paste it into your website. Use the HTML/Text Editor if you’re working with WordPress. Save or publish, and you’ve got a live, interactive tweet on your site.

  • Embrace The Retweet: Embedded tweets make it easy for you to showcase media on your own website while simultaneously inviting likes and retweets. Just share your video, article, or image on Twitter, then embed that tweet onto your website. You’re preserving the high-quality media while simultaneously keeping your post interactive – and soliciting likes and retweets from both Twitter and your dedicated website.
  • Let your Testimonials Do the Talking: Often times, the best praise we receive comes by way of social media—and Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all fleeting mediums. But with embedded tweets, praise can become a quasi-permanent fixture on your About Us, Testimonials, or Credentials page. To dig up praise, just search Twitter for your handle and/or your business name. Mark any share-worthy tweets as favorites, and you’ll begin to develop an accessible list of testimonials you can scatter across your sales page.
  • Promote Your Next Big Event: An embedded Tweet describing your next event will keep users informed—and follow-up tweets from clients and staff will get them excited. Build energy through a series of embedded tweets from fans, customers, and industry partners, and you’ll have folks banging down the doors at your next event.
  • Cultivate a Tweet Chat: Tweet chats show you’re serious about starting a conversation with customers and industry professionals alike. To boost your credibility and engage your users and contemporaries, try embedding a simple Tweet chat on your website – and then see where the conversation leads. Let’s say you – or your customers – are interested in SEO strategies. To create a Tweet Chat around that topic, search #SEOstrategy in Twitter’s Search bar. Change the filtering to “All Tweets,” click on the Settings wheel icon, and then select “Embed This Search.” Remember: Safe-mode will keep the conversation free of spammers and trolls. All that’s left to do is copy the code, paste it into your website, and invite people to come chat. Now you’ve got the conversation rolling!
  • Bolster Your Content With Sources: It’s just like your professors told you in college—cite your sources! The same applies to tweets and brand recognition. To add credibility and diverse content to your tweets, strengthen claims you make with legitimate sources via links to case studies, articles, and op-eds. Plus, you’ll establish yourself as an industry leader, always on the lookout for new insights—and the data to back them up.
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