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Today’s Intelligent Marketer: Your Customer

Today’s entrepreneurs are competing with the likes of corporate giants like Amazon, so it’s increasingly imperative that their analytics keep them updated and in tune with their consumer base. Today, we outline the boons of Wi-Fi analytics and automated marketing platforms as a way to keep your finger on the consumer’s pulse – even when you can’t physically be there to analyze the data.

Trigger Marketing 101

With trigger marketing, marketers send a message or notification following a specific consumer action or event. Different actions, or triggers, spawn different messaging, but all relate to the way a marketer interacts with a consumer. If a shopper fills a cart but then abandons it, for example, a trigger message might shoot the shopper an email reminding them of their full cart – and perhaps including a free shipping coupon code, too. 

Trigger marketing depends largely on automation, yet it simultaneously helps to facilitate a more intimate relationship with the consumer. 

Data Analytics: The Customer Key

Modern automated marketing platforms are designed to capture customer data, analyze it, and then deliver personalized content. Commonly collected data can include consumer email addresses, ages, genders, and more – and this data works together to deliver a tailored marketing experience to each user, wholly dependent on his or her individual behaviors. 

Harness “Smart” Wi-Fi

Businesses around the world are utilizing the power of “smart” Wi-Fi to track their customers’ behaviors. By learning the behaviors of repeat visitors – when they send emails, hold online meetings, or scroll social media, for example – businesses can more effectively market to their preferences. “Smart” Wi-Fi embedded in a busy eatery, for example, might offer promotions on coffee and food to frequent Wi-Fi users, targeting each individual at a set time – when a call ends, for example, or a long email is sent. 

Jump on the Social Media Train

Automated marketing can encompass the social media realm, too, since “triggered” content can include suggestions to share marketing content with friends. Wi-Fi marketing also makes it easy for customers to review businesses, and can target “at-risk” customers, too – those who haven’t visited the business or logged onto its site in awhile. Businesses can effectively calculate “dwell time” at a set physical location, informing marketers when best to target an individual consume. 

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