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Tis’ the Season to be.. The Importance of Seasonality in Online Marketing

by Seth Worby

With the holiday shopping season upon us, every retail store is offering massive discounts and pouring money into advertising. During the winter holiday season, 45% of Americans use the internet to compare prices, research store locations, and look for gift ideas before going shopping – 34% of people admit the internet influences their holiday purchases. So it is no surprise store owners are inclined to spend more on advertising than during the “slow seasons.”

Seasonal Marketing is ImportantThe phenomenon that takes place in our local malls after Thanksgiving isn’t restricted to just stores and businesses with walls, a floor, and a ceiling – businesses online can take advantage of seasonality spikes as well. In my experience marketing businesses in a variety of industries – I have learned that every industry has a “hot season.”

This time of year is not necessarily the “hot season” for all companies. For example, a business that sells flowers should concentrate more on Valentine’s Day, a company that sells allergy medication would want to spend a bulk or their advertising dollars during the spring time, and a website that sells costumes might consider running a “trick-or-treat” campaign in October.

No matter what time of year is best for your business it is important to be proactive about understanding your seasonal trends and acting on them. Implementing a strong online marketing strategy before your industries “hot season” can yield results year-over-year for your business.