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Time to Make the Move to HTTPS

Security is not guaranteed in online interactions, but people have the right to know that the companies they trust are behaving in trustworthy ways. This starts with having a secure website. 

After all, it is 2016 and the internet has been around for quite some time. Web designers know how to create a secure website, and these standards should
be upheld. There is a big difference to be aware of between HTTP sites and HTTPS sites. These two information pathways use different ports to transfer
information online. The focal difference, however, is that HTTPS sites use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to transfer the data involved safely.
There is no protective layer to HTTP, it’s only purpose to get information from one place to another. 

The higher level of security provided by HTTPS protects all of the content on your site from pictures and text you design to personal information and data
your customers provide. Another sign that the migration to HTTPS sites is fast coming and important for many website owners is that Google will soon
account for the HTTPS status of websites, ranking them above all HTTP sites in their search engine algorithms. 

The next step in communication protocols online is HTTP/2. This new standard allows incredibly fast loading speed through a process called multiplexing.
Pretty soon, HTTP/2 will have phased out HTTP in general. If you plan to do any type of e-commerce on your site, the upgrade to HTTPS is a necessity.
It is essential that you protect the credit card information of your customers with a secure site. Any lack of security can hurt the owner and the
user. The migration of the future is to all HTTPS websites and you can be ahead of the game by getting started now.

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