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Three Ways To Leverage FB Custom Audiences

Using website custom audiences in general, and Facebook custom audiences in particular, allows you to significantly increase your ad reach using the impact of targeted advertisements. Here are three key ways in which to leverage the enormous power of the simple Facebook custom audience tool.


  1. Ads that target recent visitors. By creating ads that are made specifically for those viewers who have recently visited your website,
    you are working with an already primed audience. Rather than just aiming an ad at a random group of people, you would be showing an ad to a group
    that must have at least heard of you. Relevance is absolutely key when it comes to successful advertising, and nothing could be more relevant than
    an audience of people who have already seen your website. 

  2. Ads that target specific portions of your website. Taking the level of specificity one step further, you can focus on specific portions
    of your website when building a Facebook custom audience. For example, you could create ads for those who read a particular blog that you posted,
    thus knowing that they have some established interest in a topic. Alternatively, you could target an ad to those who are on an email list, but
    do not regularly visit your website. The more personalized the ad can be, the more likely you will see results.  

  3. Ads that exclude certain audiences. This might sound a little backwards, but you can use customized audiences on Facebook to exclude
    certain individuals from receiving specific ads. You might use this technique in order to streamline your advertising efforts to those who need
    it most, while not bothering those who are already engaged. Once you have a regular visitor or customer, you do not want to badger them to keep
    buying products they already use. Rather, your time and money will be better spent on those who you can encourage to become a part of your tribe.

Try using any of these three methods when creating Facebook custom audiences and watch your numbers increase!

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