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Three Steps to Hook Your Readers with an Inviting Introduction

Certainly, the entire anatomy of an article or blog post is important. However, the introduction is arguably the most crucial piece of that anatomy. Once you have really hooked someone into reading your page, the majority of your work is done. We have three easy steps for you to ensure that you perfect your introduction and really get your reader interested in what you have to offer.

First, set a tone of talking directly to your reader. Identify a pain point someone you know might be having, then write directly to them. In this step,
it is important to have real advice to offer and to speak as though you truly know your audience. Once a reader feels that she is being spoken to,
she cannot look away. When beginning your article, pretend you are talking to a friend, a family member, or someone you know seeking advice. This will
inevitably make what you say more intimate and therefore more intriguing.

Second, offer something to your reader. Your introduction is a chance to make a promise to your reader about where you will take them compared to where
they are now. Nobody wants to waste time on a blog post or article that has no benefit, so promote what you will provide immediately. If a reader knows
the destination of an article, she will be more likely to take the trip.

Third, you want to reassure your reader throughout. Most posts these days hint at some sort of hack or trick to make life easier. While you want to make
sure you actually do anything you promise, you also want to consistently remind your reader that you will help them and guide them into an easier life.
Providing reassurance to readers will feed into the general human need to be assured that things can be simpler and easier.

Talk directly to your reader, promise them something good, and reassure them they will get what they came for. By following these three simple steps when
writing your introduction, your article or blog post will certainly succeed in keeping your reader’s attention.

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