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Think Before You Post

What might be a small faux pas in a meeting can become seriously damaging to your company’s reputation if posted online. The downside of viral marketing is the same as its upside: word really spreads fast. 

Some things are obvious to avoid, foul language for example, but other things might have multiple subtle interpretations and you need to be careful what
you say to your audience. Consider all of your company policies regarding discrimination and make sure that your posts fall within those policies as

Be especially careful sharing other pages’ content unless you have thoroughly vetted all claims made in it first. If you share something, often your audience
will assume you agree with it. Have a review process set up internally to ensure that multiple people are reviewing posts before they are made and
everyone agrees that they are appropriate and useful. 

Remember that what you post is a reflection of your business culture.  Create posts that highlight the best of your business and your expertise.


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