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The Sweet Spot: Post Frequency on Social Media

How often should I be sharing posts on social media? 

This question comes up on a daily basis for most of us. When it comes to acquiring followers, increasing clicks per page, spreading marketing information,
and retaining current customers, figuring out how much to post each day can become a complicated question. More is always better, right? Well, not
always. You want to stay away from overwhelming your clientele and becoming more annoying than interesting. Follow these general guidelines for posting
frequency broken down by site. 

  • Facebook – Two posts per day. Research has shown that after two posts each day on Facebook users tend to decrease their likes and comments. Being one of the more content heavy social media sites, Facebook likely has too much content to have people tend to much more than this. 
  • Google+ – Three posts per day. With Google Plus, what appears to be more important than number of posts is the consistency of posts. Those who rely on this medium like when it shows regularity. We recommend three posts per day as this number seems to be a good compromise of posting often while being a retainable standard.
  • Twitter – Three posts per day. While posting on Twitter is certainly easy to do and simple to view, users decrease engagement with each business they follow after the third tweet. Perhaps because there is so much to see on Twitter, it doesn’t make sense to try to convey information more than three times a day.
  • LinkedIn – One post per day. Even with the lowest suggested frequency, research shows posting on LinkedIn once a day is enough to keep your company top of mind. Remember to post during business hours to attain the greatest post views and reach.
  • Pinterest – Five posts per day. One of the higher frequencies suggested, five posts per day seems to be ideal for Pinterest users. Perhaps because the posts on this site tend to me more informational and even practical, a higher number of posts is useful to those who visit the site. 

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